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Red Stretch Tie Satin Bonnet (No Lining)

Red Stretch Tie Satin Bonnet (No Lining)

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The Ultimate Game-Changer Bonnet!

✔️ 100% Satin and Silk Blend Fabric   
✔️ Works For ALL Hair Types
✔️ Reduces Split Ends  
✔️ Alleviates Hair Tangling
✔️ Reduces Hair Breakage 
✔️ Locks in Moisture
✔️ Protects Your Hairstyle While Sleeping  
✔️ Helps to Prevent Acne by Keeping Your Hair Away from Your Face


Large/Adult cap measures approx. 16.5 inches in diameter  - can fit up to a 25" head circumference with the added elastic nape. Good for most adult head sizes and people with any type of hairstyle, length, or type.  
Small/Child cap measures approx. 11 inches in diameter - can fit up to a 22" head circumference with the added elastic nape.  Good for children, but can fit adults with smaller head sizes and short hair as well.

Handmade with love.

Made with Satin, Silk, Elastic, Polyester Knit fabrics
*Patent Pending



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Customer Reviews

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Shayy Hermiston Martin
This is the cutest bonnet I have ever owne...

This is the cutest bonnet I have ever owned. It is so adorable and I feel like such a fairy princess with it on. All I need is a vintage robe and a glass of wine and I am set! (Also! This can be wrapped tight enough to keep edges set, lace down and soft enough not to harm anything)

Jessica Fritsch
I absolutely love the stretch ties on thes...

I absolutely love the stretch ties on these bonnets!! All others I've ever tried give me migraines, but not these! I do wish she offered the double lined with the stretch tie so the silky part were on the inside and outside, but it hasn't deterred me from using them. I just flip them inside out. Easy peasy! I'd give it a 5 star 10 more times if I could! The magical no headache bonnet for my big head. A must buy.


i love the product & it’s so cute! however, i looked up youtube videos on how to tie it & it just doesn’t work for me. the tie keeps slipping off & turning into a necklace when i sleep and even without the ties, i get a headache. with the ties, i get an even worse headache. however, i do not discourage you from buying this product. it was shipped quickly & is good quality. dont be discouraged just because i have a large head. :-)