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CLEARANCE - Lilac Satin-Lined Stretch Tie Bonnet

Clearance - Slight Imperfections

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Clearance bonnets are bonnets with slight imperfections, but can still be worn. 
  • The most common issue is snagged satin/fabric; however, there may be some color discrepancies or imperfect stitches as well.

*The main picture is the "stock" photo. This is how the bonnet will look, but be mindful that this bonnet is CLEARANCE and one or more things from the list above could be wrong with it.  


One Size Fits Most Adult Head Sizes.


100% Polyester Satin. Elastic. Polyester Blend Tie

Care Instructions

****We recommend that you wash before wear as Satin fabric dye can transfer to other fabrics.
1. Wash on delicate with your favorite laundry detergent.
2. Do NOT use Fabric Softener as it may stain the fabric
3. Dry on LOW heat.

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